Worried, nervous, concerned, uneasy, agitated, jumpy, low energy. Are these ways you have described yourself? All of these are words that can relate to the experience of anxiety. It can severely disrupt your ability to live a satisfying and meaningful life. Worry and stress can impede several areas of your life, such as relationships, work, social interactions and the capacity to enjoy life. This can feel paralyzing, overwhelming and imprisoning.


Anxiety is something everyone experiences. While it can feel very unpleasant, it can help keep you safe. Anxiety is a natural and healthy response to a potential danger. Everyone worries from time to time, or experiences fear or nervousness around certain situations, however, excess worry becomes an issue when you’re always feeling it, and when the potential danger is imagined or projected.


Even if the threat is imagined, anxiety can feel very real since it activates the nervous system, your fight, flight, or freeze response. It becomes troublesome when your nervous system is set off, but you’re not in any real danger. As a result, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and avoid situations that aren’t a real threat to you and could, in fact, could benefit you, such as when applying for a new job or meeting new people.

Fears can become excessive when a situation activates them. Here are some scenarios:anxiety therapy toronto

  • excessive worrying about your relationships
  • fear of failure or being criticized
  • discomfort being around a lot of people
  • always worrying about your career and job
  • constant concerns about the health and safety of yourself, children, yours loved ones or pets 
  • constant fears and concerns around money
  • excessive worry that a loved one will leave
  • fears of being alone
  • fears of public speaking or receiving attention
  • fear of meeting new people


Many individuals don’t recognize that what they’re feeling is worried or fearful, and they often end up feeling that there’s something wrong with them when that’s not the case. These feelings are often accompanied by sensations in your body such as:

  • sweating, hot flashes or chills
  • racing pulse, heart palpitations, possibly chest pain
  • shortness of breath, shallow breathing, panting, dry mouth
  • stomach cramps or pains
  • asthma attacks
  • nausea and vomiting
  • obsessive thoughts
  • feeling like you’re “going crazy”
  • trembling, shaking, muscle tension, tingling of extremities
  • dizziness
  • migraines
  • difficulties sleeping
  • difficulty concentrating
  • muscle pains
  • backaches


Social anxiety is when one experiences overwhelming worries over social situations. There is a fear of being judged, evaluated negatively or criticized in social situations with other people. Social worries can interfere with everyday life. You can feel incredibly deflated and lose the joy of spending time with friends. It may be experienced as a critical voice, like an inner critic, that can feel overpowering. It can feel like that voice is the truth, making it difficult to see any other perspective.


Collaboratively we’ll work on the root cause while managing your symptoms so that you can live the life you want to live. Together, here are some of the things we will work on:

  • exploring your worries and fears
  • exploring roots of your anxiety, such as people pleasing, trauma, perfectionism, fear of conflict, etc.
  • creating strategies to relieve and manage your symptoms
  • identifying and manage your triggers
  • identifying your feelings, needs and wants
  • developing and building up your internal strength
  • helping you feel relaxed in your body and teach you mindfulness skills
  • building your confidence and self-esteem
  • gaining insight into yourself and others
  • learning how to assert yourself, set boundaries and make decisions
  • building your tolerance for uncomfortable feelings
  • helping you express yourself more authentically
  • helping you manage and work through your unpleasant thoughts (cognitive)
  • helping you do the things you want to do and be the person you want to be, and are
  • overcoming fears that something may happen to you
  • exploring and working through your symptoms as a result of witnessing or surviving trauma, such as childhood neglect, accidents, death, and violence.

Some of the benefits of anxiety counselling:

  • decreased stress and anxiety
  • better relationships
  • feeling more relaxed
  • a deeper sense of self-awareness
  • improved sleep
  • greater ability to concentration
  • improved performance
  • increased health


Services I offer include: counselling for anxiety, psychodynamic, EMDR, relational somatic, sensorimotor therapy,  psychoanalytical therapy, and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy). I am an anxiety therapist and counsellor in Toronto, offering anxiety therapy and anxiety management counselling in Toronto, while getting to the root of your worries. 


If you’re looking to work through your worries and stress, or if you have any questions, contact me today to schedule your free consultation so we can explore what working together would look like.