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Do you feel stuck? Are you overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or perfectionist tendencies? Are your worries, fears, and self-doubts holding you back from taking healthy risks to reach your dreams?

I want to help you break free from what’s holding you back and get in touch with your amazing, authentic self.

My path to an awesome private psychotherapy practice was not straightforward. Before I found my passion for helping others become their truest and best self, I worked for several Fortune 100 companies in Toronto. I was your typical Type A overachiever. But I was miserable. I was burnt out. My soul was craving more. I was seeking meaning. I enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition program in Toronto, which ignited my passion for health and wellness. While working with my nutrition clients, I became fascinated with the mind-body connection. It was interesting to me how our thoughts and feelings directly impact our happiness and health. I also started to notice that emotional issues, relationship problems, and trauma seemed to be at the root of many health challenges.

I went back to school so I could learn how our unconscious thoughts and beliefs create our reality. I’ve had the honor of working with amazing teachers across North America. I earned my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. I’ve also studied EMDR (trauma processing) Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor (body-centered) Psychotherapy, Relational Somatic Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness Therapy.

As a psychotherapist, I tailor my approach to my client’s needs and use a mix of relational psychodynamic methods, sensorimotor psychotherapy techniques, depth psychology theory, and mindfulness tools. In addition to my psychotherapy practice in Toronto, I speak to audiences, and I blog for several publications.