Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is an important investment in your emotional well-being and personal growth. I encourage you to contact me for an initial consultation to discuss how I can best help you.

Fees and duration
Individual therapy sessions are $120 for a 50 minute session.

I accept the following methods of payment: credit cards, cash, email transfer, and checks.

Duration and frequency

Our goal is to help you achieve lasting, positive change over the shortest time frame possible. As such, I typically recommend we meet once per week, but this may vary depending on your needs. Starting off with this frequency is most effective as momentum is gained. Weekly sessions will help to keep you accountable and motivated to work towards your goals efficiently. As therapy progresses, we can cooperate to determine if weekly sessions will continue to be helpful. Some people will find that as they begin to heal and grow, fewer sessions are needed. The frequency of sessions can be adjusted to meet your needs best and maintain positive change.

What can I expect in a therapy session?

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes and will focus on you and your needs. Some people come to therapy because they are in the midst of a crisis, while others are seeking self-improvement and exploration. The initial session will be an opportunity for me to get to know and understand you and your situation, as well as determine whether our relationship is a good fit. We will work on setting goals for therapy as well as formulating ways to begin working on those goals. The work we do inside session should translate to your life outside of session, improve your self-worth and relationships, increase self-awareness, and directly address the initial problems you brought into therapy.

Insurance Coverage

Many workplace benefits package, health insurance, and extended health care plans provide coverage for counselling and psychotherapy. Please check with your provider to see if Registered Psychotherapists are covered under your plan as every plan is different.

Insurance companies that generally cover therapy services include:
Great West Life
Blue Cross

Appointment policy

If you need to make changes to your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours before the session. Cancellations within 24 hours will be processed at full session fee.

Getting started and other questions

If you have questions about therapy or would like to connect please call 416-388-7545. You can also request your initial phone consultation by emailing me at